PLEXUS - Modular Storage System

Plexus is a modular storage system that allows you to use PVC pipe to build custom modular storage. It is unique because you can customize it to any space.


Latest PLEXUS Updates:

  • Version 1.0 released  - 1 Sept 2018

Cool Intro to PLEXUS Video:


Some Example Pictures:

Key Features:
  • PLEXUS is a digital product (design file download only)
  • PLEXUS is 3D Printer Ready (no additional design work necessary / prints w/o support)
  • PLEXUS works with any type of 3D Printer Plastic (ABS/PET-G/PLA)
  • PLEXUS Utilizes schedule 40 PVC pipe (the common white kind)
  • Currently PVC only costs around 4$ for 10 feet
  • PLEXUS Open is free to download here: Plexus Open Models
  • Only Minimum tools required to build PLEXUS 
  • Design options are endless (fully customizable to any space)
Tools Required:
  • PVC Cutter
  • Screwdriver (powered preferred)
  • Self Tapping Screws (1 in)

What makes PLEXUS special:
  • PLEXUS allows you to build structures that are not possible with normal PVC fittings.
  • PLEXUS is "revolutionary" not "evolutionary". It's not an improvement on old ideas. It's actually a game changing design shift. 
Plexus Frequently Asked Questions

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