Saturday, December 23, 2017

About Commando Designs

About Commando Designs

YouTube and Commando Designs is a fun side project. It gives me inspiration and personal energy to drive through my normal day to day grind.  

I love making and sharing stuff.  I especially like making stuff my own way.  I’m a design nerd who loves taking great ideas, designs, and cool stuff and putting my creative spin on it. 

Skull Beads

Flag Stencil

Custom Painted Oakleys

Custom Cut Vinyl Sticker

Custom Urban Camo Chevy Sonic

The name Commando Designs.

The name commando comes from “go commando” or go stripped down.  Go with the bare minimum.  I like to think of “going commando” in the design world as getting to the “Zen” of design. The core or essence. Why do you actually love some things, products, or designs? It’s usually because they “just ***king work”, “grab your interest”, or just flat out “inspire you”.  That’s why I study design. Because when you get design right, it just ***king works.  That’s awesome design.